Websites & Email

Add a simple website and get rid of @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo email addresses for your business. It is easier, and cheaper, than you think.

Antivirus & Malware

Get your devices back to full speed without losing your important files, photos etc. Infections can normally be removed without a full reinstall.

Repairs & Upgrades

Problems with your desktop or laptop? You don’t always need the latest devices. Upgrade your old hardware to keep them going.

IT Infrastructure

If you have a small business looking to outsource your IT then get in touch. Server, systems and security administration can all be handled.

Home Office

Setting up at home? Need some help getting wifi, printers or other devices setup? Maybe you need a single page website and a custom email address?

Rural 4G Broadand

Live out in the middle of nowhere without access to Fibre Broadband? Me too! Find out your options to get a connection that meets your needs.